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Exceptional Lighting Solutions
                 With Extraordinary Savings
Resource-saving technologies...

Our core capabilities:
We develop illumination and realize client-specific
requirements to reduce your energy expenses.

What we can do for you:
- Optimize your lightning energy
- Create individual energy concepts for you
- Design and Project Planning
- Provide project leader and realize the project
- Supply & installation through certified & insured   electricians
- Maintenance and consulting

USA LED Solution LLC has it's own
development division for lighting technique with prototype production in Germany.

We have access FOR further development, production and logistics partner in cooperation with institutes and universities in various countries.

Due to our combined Know-how in the areas of lightning, electronics, optics and mechanical manufacturing, we are able to offer a tailor-made optimizing for our clients depending on their requirements.

What is LED?
Lighting emitted diodes (LEDs) convert electricity direct into light. Conventional bulbs convert electricity first into heat, a process where a lot of energy gets lost.

The main difference is that with the LEDs a crystal electrically is made to light.

The lighting is a result of the movement of electrons in a semiconductor state. By the direct conversion of electricity into light, the power consumption is reduced to a minimum.


Upgrade to LED Lighting - Get a Tax Deduction!

The Energy Independence Act of 2007, which has been extended through 2014, has numerous tax incentives, include Tax Deductions for building owners and tenants to convert to Energy Efficient Lighting.

Contact one of our Energy Experts today and we can show you the savings that you can expect with a change to Energy Efficient LED Lighting!

To learn more about this Government Sponsored Program for Energy Efficiency, click here

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